Sunday, June 11, 2017

Takoma Park Mobilization

I've been ignoring "Takoma Park Mobilization" as obviously pointless, but, man, these well intentioned but hopelessly ineffectual social justice warriors really have no clue.  From the hard-hitting Voice article "Takoma Park Mobilization Hosts Potluck Supper - A Good Time Is Had by All":
The evening included small-group discussions on a list of pre-determined topics. Takoma Park Mobilization committee members joined each group to ensure everyone’s opinions were voiced, heard and considered.
A potluck supper was served and everyone was encouraged to rotate tables throughout the meal to interact and engage with different people and continue the dialogues from the small-group discussions.
Well, that thoroughgoing earnestness is really go to change things.  What's amazing is that these people don't realize that their poorly reasoned support of policies such as sanctuary city status just drives some moderates to vote for people like Trump.


  1. I am baffled how often we hear how wonderfully diverse Takoma Park is.

    When it comes to political diversity, the city fails miserably.

    77 percent are registered Democrats, 17 percent are registered unaffiliated (probably mostly Democrats who get fed up with those annoying calls for $$). Republicans make up less than 5 percent of Takoma Park registered voters. Greens, Libertarians, and others make up the remaining percent or two.

    Shouldn't we, to better ourselves, strive to associate with people who do not necessarily share our political ideology? Why would it not be as important as the other diversity categories... gender, race, age, sexual identity, etc.? What makes political ideology any less important?

  2. Well, it is an enclave and sometimes seems like an echo chamber ....