Sunday, May 14, 2017

Got the Doctor and the Ice Man!

Nils Lofgren has apparently recorded a new version of his rock classic "Bullets Fever," appropriately called "Wizards Fever."  It's a nice gesture, but this can be at best, what, the third or fourth best version of the song?  First, there was the contemplative original, composed at the beginning of the Bullets epic '78 playoff run (this version is sometimes called the "White Flight" version of "Bullets Fever" due to its reference to being fans "whatever county you're from").  Then, there was the triumphant championship version, with its references to the Doctor and the Ice Man, Abe's zoo, the Bomb Squad, and Bobby D and the Big E.  I assume that Nils' plaque at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame specifically mentions this version of the song.


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