Friday, December 2, 2016

That Sounds Familiar

The Aldi expansion continues unimpeded in Montgomery County, which apparently is viewed by some as some kind of coup.  The "affordable grocery store chain" is moving into a formerly destitute shopping center in Aspen Hill abandoned five years ago by Giant.  Geez, it all sounds so familiar.
 "It seems like yesterday that a petition for Trader Joe’s to replace Giant swept the area and had us all dreaming about what could be. In reality, Trader Joe’s and many other grocers turned down the space very early on (Trader Joe’s, for instance already has two stores in Rockville and Silver Spring, and they aren’t a “store on every corner” retailer). We’ve had fly-by-night furniture stores with their tacky road signs, a seasonal Halloween costume store, a make-shift kids’ entertainment space, and a general sense of confusion and despair to go along with them."

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