Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Pedestrian Safety

It looks as though pretty much everyone but Takoma Park City Council and Action Committee for Transit recognizes that improving pedestrian safety in the Crossroads area is of vital importance
"Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld, introduced as the man with the toughest job in Washington, said the transit center, with its off-street access to bus service, is as important for its safety as well as its convenience.
“I followed this project more as a pedestrian project as much as a transit project,” Wiedefeld told the crowd assembled for the ribbon-cutting.
The neighborhood has long been known as a conflict spot for pedestrians trying to navigate the vehicular traffic on their way to bus stops that dotted the area.
Montgomery County Director of Transportation Al Roshdieh agreed with Wiedefeld’s point, saying the transit center gets users off the curbside of the busy arterials that create the crossroads of the Takoma-Langely neighborhood.
Indicating the bright white canopy above, Roshdieh said, “This is where you want to be! You don’t want to cross the street, you don’t want to cross a four-lane highway."
 Six-lane highways, but who's counting?

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