Saturday, December 3, 2016

Down at the Crossroads, Circa 1984

The late Gwen Ifill put in time on the Post's decades-long Crossroads redevelopment beat, penning the story "Langley Park: Coping with Change" in August 1984.
"Twenty years ago, the longtime merchants say, Langley Park Shopping Center reflected the white, mostly Jewish, solidly middle-class neighborhood of its clientele...
I was told this shopping center was great, the best thing around here," said Korean-born Richard Choe, who moved his gift shop into the center nine months ago. "But it's run down."
Choe recently put steel bars on his windows and complains that the narrow alley that runs along the side of his shop has become a hangout for teen-agers.
One shopper, who said she has lived in the area for 14 years, said the shopping center "has gone to the dogs." Others said they only come to the Langley Park plaza for a specific purpose -- to go to the bank or fill a prescription at the drugstore.
"The only thing I know is stores are disappearing and none are coming in their places," said Evelyn Lassiter, who said she has lived in the Chillum Road area for 20 years.

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