Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Geez, Marc Elrich Can't Take a Hint

As expected, term limits overwhelmingly passed in Montgomery County, the only surprise being the magnitude of the massive 69% to 31% margin.  Incumbent council members and opponents didn't take the hint and said some dumb stuff.  Tom Moore, who repeatedly tried and failed to prevent the ballot initiative with massive bipartisan support from reaching the ballot through frivolous lawsuits, said that term limits would hurt the county "but it’s not disastrous, and Montgomery County will continue to have a terrific county government and be a great place to live.”  Yes, because nothing indicates terrific government better than people going to great lengths to ensure that they can rid themselves of the same tiresome elected officials.

Hans Riemer said some fairly banal things about people not being upset about the actions of elected officials and instead wanting new people with new ideas, but fortunately everyone's main man Ike Leggett was on the scene to lay the smack down on that view.
"(Madman Robin) Ficker and County Executive Ike Leggett both said they believed the passage of term limits meant voters were rebelling against the council’s passage of an 8.7 property tax increase, a recordation tax increase that would net the county $200 million over six years and council pay raises.
“I said at the time it will fall into the general mood of the public, of turning them sour,” Leggett said. “I think all of those things proved to be correct.”
Leggett, who had already announced he would not seek a fourth term, said the council should have been more modest in its proposals. “It’s feeding into a negative attitude of our public officials,” he said."
Preach, Reverend Ike, preach!

Of course, Marc Elrich, commonly derided as Montgomery County's most dangerous politician, completely missed the point of voters' intentions and said that he was seriously considering a run for county executive now that he's been term limited from the council.  This is of course the same Marc Elrich who famously wanted to partner with Venezuela's completely failed and morally reprehensible regime.  Fortunately, Leggett was able to righteously put the kibosh on that nonsense, all the way from Israel.
“[To say] I was pretty animated would be an understatement, I guess,” chuckles the low-key Leggett, who found out about Elrich’s plan while on a trip to Israel and quickly quashed it. “I was pretty upset.”
Tell it to the people, Reverend Ike!

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