Monday, October 10, 2016

Perhaps Connie Chung Will Make an Appearance!

It's a shame that the activity causes brain damage, because Montgomery Blair's football team is now 6-0.  After beating Paint Branch for the first time in recorded history (seriously, people reported that it was the first time since at least 1974), they will play 6-0 Sherwood this Friday at Four Corners.

Maybe Blazer alum Ben Stein  (class of '62) will attend the game, perhaps with classmate Carl Bernstein.  He'll have plenty of time now that he's no longer shilling for Donald Trump, which he said that he did because Trump was a "force for change."  Also, the "fundamental decency" of George W. Bush was never in doubt, but the Obama administration represents "eight years of mess and lies and deceit."

Stein does recall that he was a speechwriter for the Nixon administration, doesn't he?

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