Sunday, October 23, 2016

MoCo Politico Provides Value

I haven't seen former county executive Doug Duncan says he was gamely passing our campus literature at Shady Grove Metro in the summer of 2014, but his Twitter feed is a must follow.  It's basically just him complaining about the Red Line and Metro in general.  To wit -
"Another rotten start to my day on Metro.
"Man beaten on Red Line last night during rush hour. Puts my litany of complaints in perspective. Hope he's doing better! "
and finally
"The Red Line is now officially the Dread Line to me. "
Anyway, according to his thoroughly detailed Wikipedia entry, "in February 2010, several Maryland politicians, including Kumar P. Barve and Christopher Van Hollen, expressed support for Duncan's becoming the Metro general manager, after John Catoe announced his resignation from the position, effective April 2010."

It looks as though someone missed his calling!

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