Sunday, September 11, 2016

Wildwood Motor Speedway

I assume that the loud crashing sound that awoke me at 4:30 this morning, the almost immediate squeal of tires from a motorist leaving the scene, and the broken bumper, metal, and glass in front of a vehicle parked in front of my neighbor's house on Wildwood Drive are related.

I know that we're all supposed to be embracing the grid as a way to relieve traffic congestion, but unfortunately our neighborhood appears to have been laid out in the 1940s in a way that assumed that the streets would be used for quiet residential use AND that residents would drive everywhere and would want to get there as fast as possible.  As a result, we have wide residential streets that don't form a proper grid to go along with almost a dozen access points at New Hampshire Avenue, University Boulevard, and Carroll Avenue that encourage cut-through traffic at a high rate rate of speed.  Traffic calming efforts such as speed bumps and traffic circles don't seem to have much effect on those motorists who insist on driving over them at a full rate of speed and/or are intoxicated late at night.

Of course, the real solution is for people to embrace transit-oriented development and stop driving personal automobiles in our urban area, but that seems to be decades away at best.

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