Saturday, April 2, 2016

Adrian Dantley for County Executive

The Washington Post with one of the periodic articles on why area basketball legend Adrian Dantley works part-time gigs in his spare time.  Umm, because people pay him?  I bet AD makes $30 or $40 a pop reffing local rec games, it's good exercise, and it gives him something to do.  He doesn't need the money, but extra money is extra money for the financially astute Hall of Famer.  Although I did find this comment amusing -
Fans stood and screamed for fouls, and players glanced hopefully at the officials after losing the ball. Again and again, play went on. Because understand this: If your offensive strategy is to drive to the rack and hope for a bail-out call, Adrian Dantley is not the official you want to see on the court. Even if you’re in the fifth grade.
“Get stronger,” the NBA Hall-of-Famer explained, after the Warriors pulled out a one-point win at Blair High School on a recent Sunday afternoon. “Someone bumps up against you and you fall down? I ain’t calling it. That’s not my makeup.”
Umm, AD's whole offensive strategy was to get fouled driving to the hoop.  He'd get, if not demand, the ball in the low post, methodically back his man down inch by inch, and then unleash a flurry of head moves and ball fakes, before going to the hoop and usually getting fouled in the process.  He was a 6' 5" (yeah, right, more like 6' 3") low post player, but he ended up with more free throws than Kareem.

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