Friday, March 11, 2016

If the Community Center Was Kathy Porter's Folly, Then This Is Kate Stewart's Revenge

Call me the Cassandra of New Hampshire Gardens, but projected costs to renovate and expand the municipal library in the Takoma Park Community Center are already spiraling out of control, as reported by Granola Park.  The preferred plan at this point (#7 below) is slated to cost $3.75 million, although that's only an "order of magnitude" estimate so expect the eventual cost to be higher.  There are also other add-ins that the city council could decide to include that would add another million dollars or so.  Each.  Of course, the whole thing is a boondoggle, as I explained previously
I guess that city council assumes that most people have forgotten the cost overruns and lack of transparency that plagued the construction of the community center itself or are just too apathetic to care.

We haven't and we aren't.

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