Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Modest Proposal

There's been more hand wringing and gnashing of teeth on Takoma Park listservs about the perceived lack of services with the eventual and appropriate move of Washington Adventist Hospital.  In sum, people think that it is a tragedy that they will no longer have a hospital in their backyard.  I, of course, am more concerned about the ability of the city to redevelop the site in a productive manner.  So, to kill two birds as it were, I propose that the city, residents, and health care corporation work together to locate the mandated 24/7 urgent care facility in the shopping center with our soon-to-open transit center, as seen below.  It's a great location - centrally located, convenient to public transit, with ample parking.  There are even three empty, if not abandoned and condemned, properties on the site, one of which already had a red cross with the numbers "24" on it.  Somebody has even helpfully spray painted the address (7980 New Hampshire Avenue) in case anyone needs help finding it!

I'm serious. Kind of.  The proposed area certainly needs the help, as the photo demonstrates.  Moving the urgent care center and eventually the psychiatric facility from the current location would allow that site to be comprehensively redeveloped in a systematic manner.  As I've said, I think that it would be a great location for the headquarters on a government agency.  Of course, neighborhood residents would scream bloody murder at the influx of workers (to an urban area, no less!), so it will probably never happen. 


  1. I doubt that anyone would scream bloody murder about anything that happens on that particular site because it's in Prince George's County--i.e., beyond the pale of the concerns of most of the pitchfork crowd. Let anyone try to put a second or third story on the shopping center site that's across the street in Takoma Park though. . .

    1. To clarify, I think that residents would object to comprehensive redevelopment of the current hospital site. Obviously, no one cares about the condition of the site pictured above.

    2. And I doubt that there would be as much opposition to redevelopment of the shopping center across the street, especially if it were done in accordance with the sector plan that calls for higher-density, mixed-use, pedestrian- and transit-oriented redevelopment. Even now, no one seems particularly concerned by its Starbucks, Subway, Chuck E. Cheese, etc.