Monday, January 25, 2016

The Takoma Park Listserve Never Ceases to Entertain

On the suggestion that older residents should be concerned about overexerting themselves while shoveling snow:
Excuse me, to say that anyone over 50 should not shovel snow is pure ageist ignorance.  Encouraging people to sit around is encouraging them to die sooner.  Exercise does not kill people.  It's the stupidity--thinking you can do nothing but watch TV then shovel it all in 10 minutes. 
Everyone, no matter what your age, should know how to shovel snow and how to pace yourself.
BTW, who has had their paper delivered?  I haven't seen one since Friday (and my road is perfectly clear).
The part about not getting a paper newspaper delivered is classic.  The same person then responded with this lovely piece of overgeneralization:
I am worried that the younger generation are, as a whole, much more overweight, much more out of condition, and for some, less able or willing to take on responsibility than prior generations.  That is a societal concern.  Not sure we can solve it here--it's an issue to be solved on an individual level.  
Oh, and you kids get off of my lawn!

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