Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Four Corners Safeway

Historian4Hire has a very nice post about the architectural history of the Four Corners Safeway.  It omits just one salient point - the place is a disgrace that should be torn down post haste.

But don't take my word for it.  Here is the store's Yelp! page, filled with reviews stating the store should be completely renovated that were written after the store was extensively renovated.  I will acknowledge that the swarms of fruit flies and gnats greeting visitors to the produce aisle have subsided somewhat, but I and many other people would still never consider consuming anything perishable in the temperature non-controlled store.  Allow me to crib extensively from "Tim H."'s well-written review:
This Safeway ought to be closed.  It is nowhere near meeting the expectations of a 21st century grocery store and despite the recent remodel continues to disappoint.

A fundamental problem is that this is clearly a 1950s/60s era building, and the physical space and parking lot are woefully inadequate.  That means that the store can't really stock much even if it wanted to, and that getting in and out is going to be a pain.

But that is not the primary issue.  Before the remodel (about a year ago), the store itself was disgusting.  It was dirty, poorly stocked/organized, and the produce especially was of horrible quality.  Quite literally, there were flies in the fruit.  So I just never went.

After the remodel, the store is at least clean, but the stocking and organization issues remain.  I have never been to this store and been able to get everything I wanted.  I could understand them not carrying, say, basil in the winter, or perhaps even yams around the holidays (I guess), but tonight, they didn't have any eggs.  Literally, no eggs whatsoever.  "We don't have eggs anymore" was the only explanation from the staff....

Safeway, if you are listening:  there is clearly a management issue at this store and your renovation was a waste.  If you care at all about your brand, take your name off this store--it is beyond fixing. 
And to think that Safeway closed our much nicer, albeit less patronized, Safeway in the Crossroads shopping center in 2009!

Oh, and here's the YouTube channel devoted to the store.  The "deadratinside" video is a masterpiece of the rodent infestation in a grocery store genre.

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