Monday, December 28, 2015

Tacky Park

Taco Bell recommendation.  Apparently, being an existing business or use isn't required for approval of an "interim" development for existing businesses or uses.

Meanwhile, Dan Reed! has a list of notable events in Silver Spring in 2015, almost all of which involve redevelopment and economic growth.  My understanding is that county officials were fairly apoplectic 10-15 years ago when downtown Silver Spring had come to be perceived as "low rent" and made sure that investments in infrastructure were made to change that image.  After all, blight wasn't supposed to be something that existed in Montgomery County.

Instead of priding itself on being hip and innovative, which it really isn't, Takoma Park should play up its Tacky Park roots.  Local officials should tour our abandoned storefronts when they visit the new transit center and gaze at the dumpsters that greet visitors to our community.     

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