Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Seth Grimes on the possibility of productive gun control legislation.  The Washington Post on the Supreme Court's recent refusal to hear an appeal of a lower court decision to allow localities to enact more stringent gun control.

As an aside, my brother once worked as counsel for the Brady Center to Prevent Handgun Violence.  Their strategy was to copy the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement and sue gun manufacturers on behalf of states and localities to recoup costs associated with gun violence such as emergency room and Medicaid expenses.  I never really understand the strategy - tobacco companies like Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds made billions and were huge corporations.  Gun manufacturers like Colt and Smith and Wesson were oldline New England manufacturing companies barely hanging on.  I was generally right although I think that they did win a few cases.  Of course, inevitably the gun companies would threaten to declare bankruptcy and/or Congress would prohibit such lawsuits so he ended up going and teaching torts and Constitutional law to others.   

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