Monday, November 2, 2015

Well, That Worked Out Well

Everyone knows that the godfather of Takoma and Langley Park redevelopment blogs is Barrie Howard, whose visionary Horn of Takoma detailed his views on any number of planning and zoning issues as well as his jaunts to the area's finest hole in the wall ethnic restaurants, beauty salons, and discount clothiers. Barrie was quite the man about our town, and his posts were also a welcome gift to the community. That is, until he seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth after an unsuccessful Ward 6 city council run in 2011. Beware the wrath of Fred Schultz!

Anyway, one of the topics that Barrie addressed here and here was the proliferation of signs posted on utility polls up and down University Boulevard and New Hampshire Avenue. Well, even after the passage of a bill allowing for prosecution of this offense, such blight remain commonplace, especially along New Hampshire Avenue. It's not unusual to see utility polls with a thick stack of redundant flyers posted on them, just in case someone missed the first 50 or 60 signs informing them of the opportunity to dispose of undesired automobiles. It's not clear to me why someone in authority cannot catch these scofflaws. After all, the perpetrator's telephone number is listed right on the flyer! Oh well, until some municipal Columbo steps forward to crack this case I'll just keep ripping them down on my walk home from work. It's often the most productive work that I do all day.

We can do better than stacks of advertising signs on our utility poles!


  1. Does Barrie still live in Ward 6? Miss the guy.

  2. Ask Holly Robertson. She has funny stories.