Sunday, November 8, 2015

Let It Snow!

The city is moving to update its regulations concerning snow removal from sidewalks.  The proposals provide some reasonable improvements (e.g. the chief of police is no longer to determine if a sidewalk has been appropriately cleared, although appropriately cleared has now been defined in even more specific detail), but I still think that it will be a waste of resources if these provisions are enforced for sidewalks in front of private residences.  If people are concerned about snow on the sidewalk in these instances, then they can pick up a shovel and help remedy the situation.  The Giant on Arliss recently had a special ($7.99, it was a bargain!), so even I'm prepared this year.

1 comment:

  1. I'm all for neighbors chipping in to help neighbors clear snow - I think it's the way to go - but the problem we have with not having any teeth for clearance of sidewalks is because there is the occasional person who absolutely refuses to do anything (pay someone, ask for help, etc) and snow around here rapidly becomes ice through thaw/freeze. I was amazed at the range I saw in North SS when I had a long walk last winter from a bus stop to my daughters basketball game, from completely clear to intractable icebergs that won't melt until spring to fine and deadly black ice. It was often safer for me to walk off of the sidewalk rather than stay on it. It's much better to have people take responsibility for their little stretch of sidewalk. I realize we don't have one in our side of the street but am glad to help out when the weather gets heavy.