Thursday, November 5, 2015

Duck Pin!

Nothing screams "Maryland!" like duckpin bowling, but the game may be an endangered species, at least in Montgomery County.  The county at one time boasted more than 20 alleys, but the sole remaining one is up New Hampshire Avenue in the White Oak Shopping Center.  And even it may not be long for this world.  As its owner Ralph Curry explained to Montgomery Magazine, the alley's lease is up in two years and the game isn't attracting families or young people the way it once did.

Well, in all honesty, that's a shame.  The game has charm and quirks galore what with its smaller ball, three throws per frame, and increased level of difficulty.  Moreover, the White Oak lanes are decidedly and blessedly old school and retain such time-honored traditions as manual scoring and cheap pitchers of beer.  They even have Cosmic Bowling on Saturday nights!

Let's all bowl some frames, drink some beers, and save duckpin bowling in Montgomery County!

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